Psychological help or psychological support

Visit our psychology and chiromassage center and embark on a journey to completely improve your health and well-being, achieving the perfect balance between mind and body to live a full and pressure-free life.

Located at C/ La Huerta, 1, Cala del Moral, Rincón de la Victoria, our center offers you a comfortable and relaxing environment where you can get away from the stress and anxiety of everyday life and concentrate on clearing your mind and achieving inner peace. .

Psychology Office in Malaga

And Chiromassage Center

We have two environments specifically designed to cover all your needs while you feel comfortable and pleasant. In the first room, there is a cozy office with a large table and comfortable chairs where the discussion of mental health issues takes place, and where we answer all the doubts and questions you may have. This room is painted in dark blue and contrasts with a large window that allows light to enter to create a harmonious balance of tones and colors that help you feel relaxed during psychological sessions and analyses. Also, it has multiple chairs ideal for group and family sessions where more than one person participates.

Chiromassage sessions and different body therapies are held in the second room. Like the first, the walls are painted a soothing dark blue. However, it has a life-size image of a forest that will make you feel away from the city and in touch with your senses and emotions while the massages are performed. In addition, the room has a comfortable sofa where you can sit while you prepare and wait for the therapist, as well as an ergonomic massage bed where we make sure your body heals and you feel rejuvenated.

We provide service from our headquarters in Cala del Moral , Rincón de la Victoria, but we offer our services in other areas of Malaga, contact us to arrange a meeting or use the contact form.